Monday, January 27, 2014

Return of the Thing

Since this little experiment of mine first went live back in May of 2006, it's never been dark for longer than a couple of days. That was, of course, until last November -- when we kind of shut things down here and vanished into thin air (or at least into the endless work of writing for the Daily Banter).

But I always promised that I wouldn't completely abandon DXM and I intend to keep that promise. And so, beginning today, there will be daily content here again. Sometimes it'll be nothing much more important than a song and music video or two; sometimes it'll be a link to something else I'm writing somewhere else; sometimes it'll be a piece that's exclusive to here, something too personal or just not right for the Banter. But it will be something.

The lights are finally coming back on a little. It's good to be home.


namron said...

Welcome back. Most of your readers never left.

micheal said...

yay! missed you, sir!

tonyl said...

My patience, and that of countles others, is rewarded! Thanks, Chez.

One thing I'd hope for is a link to the work you do for the Banter. Since Ben rearranged everything, I find it difficult (all right, time consuming and aggravating) to search out the links for the various stories, so if you link from here, that would be a help. For me, anyway.

As another commenter over there said, I find myself reading a story and wondering what your take on it is. And sometimes, I'm able to find out.

Thanks again, for writing and sharing.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Well, it's about time.

Drew said...