Friday, January 31, 2014

Listening Post

Cesca and I probably spent a good ten minutes on the podcast yesterday enthusing about HBO's True Detective and I'm going to do it here for a few seconds as well. Bottom line: If you're not watching the show, you're legitimately missing out on one of the best television experiences of the last decade. When Breaking Bad folded I really did think its near-perfection as a satisfying show would, for me, tarnish everything that came in its wake for quite a while. It's tough to hold up any TV drama to a show like Breaking Bad, even unconsciously, simply because Breaking Bad was such a damn masterpiece.

But True Detective goes beyond the realm of great television into something much more artistically minded. You don't just watch it, you feel it in your bones; it's a layered, beautifully acted, utterly menacing, pitch black piece of American gothic, and each hour is mesmerizing from start to finish. We're only a few episodes in so it's easy to catch up if you need to but, trust me, you need to.

Here's the opening credits music that sets the tone for the entire show.

It's the Handsome Family's Far From Any Road.


Riles said...

Terrific description. This is such an incredible show, and you really do feel it. Wish there was another new ep this weekend.

Nick said...

First thing I've really enjoyed watching since The Sopranos.

(yeah yeah yeah - i know)

Stephen said...

I haven't been invested in any television programming in a very long time. From the opening scene of the first episode I was hooked. It is just so far beyond anything else that has been or is being done.
Hopefully it will sweep the emmy's or ace's or whatever the hell awards they give for this.