Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Listening Post

I have no idea what to make of this -- and I'm betting that's the most generous thing you're going to hear about it from anyone who considers him or herself a fan of Elliott Smith.

Apparently, long before Smith died 11 years ago, he recorded some isolated vocal tracks for a possible collaboration with Soul Coughing's Mike Doughty. Some of what he sang would eventually go on to become Bottle Up and Explode -- one of my absolute favorite Smith songs -- and Going Nowhere. Doughty says that the vocals were always meant to be cut up, experimented with, and ultimately transformed into dance tracks and that Smith was okay with this.

Whether he'd be fine with what Doughty has now created, though, is anyone's guess. Doughty says he recently found the vocal tracks on a cassette tape and he turned them into what he's calling honest-to-God EDM -- a genre title that didn't exist back when Smith was alive. It's fascinating to hear anything new and even kind of original from Elliott Smith, but given that he was so protective of his material and his legacy -- and this is a very far cry from the sound we've come to expect from him -- it feels a big sacrilegious.

Decide for yourself, though.

Take a listen to The Record, Dogs and Burn (Aah Fuck).

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Rob said...

Interesting. I come at this as a Mike Doughty/Soul Coughing fan. Not familiar with Elliott Smith, that I know of anyway. I'm diggin the Dogs song, the other two are, eh, okay. I can understand, I guess, some people who love Smith would be whiny, but, Doughty had the tape, created it with Smith, I think its cool he did something with it.