Monday, November 04, 2013

Back Issues

Considering the amount of writing I now do each day and week, I won't lie and say that I'm going to be cranking out material around here the way I used to anytime soon. I just can't; there aren't enough hours in the day. That said, no, I'm not going to let this site die a "dignified" death simply because it's still my home even if it's been vacant recently. When the mood strikes me and I feel like I have to write something personal, this is where it's going to go -- and I promise you that will absolutely happen at some point.

While I can't guarantee that I'll have the space in my incredibly tight schedule to do it each and every time, I do plan to at least try from here on out to link anything I write at Banter over here in the name of A) keeping DXM on at least some kind of life-support, and B) taking readers who still visit this site, and shockingly there are still quite a few of you, directly to my nonsensical ramblings.

Over the past couple of weeks I've written several columns at Banter that may as well have been DXM material, particularly some of the longer-form pieces, and this makes me pretty happy.

Here are the links:

Is It Islamophobia or Just Islam?/11.1.13

Quote of the Day: Fuck You, Salon/10.30.13

The Trayvon-Zimmerman Costume Controversy: Is the Reaction Fair?/10.30.13

Glenn Greenwald and the New York Times Have at Each Other (and the Result Is Pretty Interesting)/10.29.13

None of Us Will Ever Be as Cool As Lou Reed/10.28.13

Salon Slams Russell Brand and Proves Why the Far-Left Is a Joke/10.25.13

The Mother of All Anti-NSA Ads Is Watching You/10.23.13

The Onion Draws Outrage Again, Makes Its Point Flawlessly/10.23.13

Kanye West's Big "Fuck You" To Redneck America/10.22.13

It's Just Another School Shooting/10.21.13

Is It Wrong To Tell Women To Drink Responsibly To Protect Themselves?/10.21.13

I'll try to stay on top of it, kids. It ain't easy these days.

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