Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Write On

August was a really slow month around here -- no doubt about it. I can blame being overworked and spending the rest of my time with my daughter, who's now back in Dallas, but it's just as easy to go ahead and blame what's traditionally a slow news month. So, what's September going to look like? Well, I'm not sure how much better it's going to get.

Here's the thing: My schedule is changing in a way I haven't experienced since beginning this little experiment of mine more than seven years ago. When I first started, all I wanted to do was write for a living; that's actually one of the main reasons why I started DXM. As it turns out, that dream has now come true to some extent: I'm getting paid to write for the Daily Banter. It's a tough gig because, as I've related here a couple of times, I crank out so much copy so quickly during the week that it often leaves me wondering whether I believe half of what I write anymore and stressing over the quality of the milk this cow is constantly giving. But I'm still being paid to write and I still, I hope, write stuff that people think is worth reading.

The impact it's had on this site can't really be overstated, but now that impact is going to get even more pronounced because big changes are coming to Banter in the form of a more powerful and interactive Gawker-like site, so says Banter overlord Ben Cohen. And he's drafted me to contribute more material for it, which means that I'll be writing for the Daily Banter in just about a full-time capacity. This doesn't mean that I'm shuttering DXM because this is still my internet home and you know how seriously I take it and how protective I am of it. I'll need this place to air the thoughts that just won't fly over at Banter or anywhere else, the personal things that I can only say in my own house. But yes, content around here may suffer until I figure out how to balance everything I'm doing. I'll probably set up links to my Banter nonsense here as well as cranking out a piece here and there that's exclusive to DXM, but right now I just don't know how it's all going to play out.

What I'm not going to do is hand the site over the someone else. God bless Cesca for having Ashby to basically run his own site for him but that's just not my thing. If I'm not here, nobody's gonna be here in my place.

Anyway, just a tiny update from the management. I'm not disappearing or anything, just making yet another transition. A good one this time.


lakelady said...

Whew! for a moment I was afraid you were going to shutter this place. Glad to hear you're getting to do what you love and to do it more. And glad to know this place will still be here as well. Simply knowing you're going in the direction you dreamed of makes less content here bearable. And I'll be curious to see what new directions this spot may head as well.

Josh Bond said...

Congratulations Chez! I've been a DXM reader since the very beginning (my RSS history could prove it.)

I wish for only the best to you and Inara.

Which, as said by an internet stranger, means pretty much nothing.. but please take it as intended.

Drew said...

No matter where you go there we are!

Izar Talon said...

We'll still be here, man. Whenever you can write more, we'll still be here.

Laurie Beth said...

Congratulations on full-time! You fully deserve it, and I genuinely believe it's a service to all of us that we'll be getting more content from you. Everybody at Banter rocks. Can't wait! xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the note. The primary reason I visit this site is to read the personal thoughts of a genuine individual. The social/political commentary crap can be found anywhere. I appreciate your willingness to share yourself (elegantly, I might add) with a bunch of strangers.

Capt Clown said...

...And yet another independent blogger is seduced by the dark side (wanting to make enough money to pay rent.) Look at me, I live in a broken van down by the river. Every day I hitchhike both ways to the nearest public library (47 miles away) which normally takes about 9 hours round-trip (I get thrown out of cars a lot, something about my "personality") just to get Internet access so I can make my written contributions to mankind.

Most days I can't actually write anything because the gas fumes in the van give me a headache and really messed-up dreams and I can't focus, but I never give up, never. Sure, I don't have a "girlfriend" or a "job" or an "apartment" or "clean underwear" or "traditional toilet paper", or "a pet that isn't a spider", or "an honorable discharge", or "no pending lawsuits", but I have something more valuable... a constant free high due to my gas leak.

Well, to each his own. Best of luck with your "life", some of us don't need one. Or at least, can't get one.

peabody nobis said...

Kudos, Chez. You're undoubtedly a great writer. I've missed your regular, personal posts here, but a man's gotta make a living.
Looking forward to the new Banter.

maxpurr said...

just keep the music coming brother! aloha, carol ann

Rob said...

Ha, nice. No sooner had I addressed my internal angst over DXM lately becoming mainly Listening Posts and throwbacks, now you addressed whats going on. Awesome. It is all good brother (yes, i feel like i know you).
I still come to DXM, and use it as my portal to Banter, and I will keep doing so. These are good transitions. And now, i'm going to look forward to see how DXM, and Banter, develop through the transitions. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Chez congrats and best of luck with all your endeavors. I've been a daily reader since the NY Observer article came out. DMX has become part of my daily routine.

It was a good run. Thanks for all the years of hard work.

Sadly it takes years to develop an audience and loyal following unfortunately it will only take days and weeks to lose them. We're like trained rats, we'll keep running the maze to find that reward, when enough days pass with no treat at the end, we'll simply stop running.

Chez said...

You're right, but the important thing to remember is that thanks to social media being able to get the word out, once I really do balance everything out and get this thing moving again -- and I will at some point soon, probably within the next couple of weeks -- I'll at least be able to let people know we're still in business here. But agreed, this is the first time in more than seven years that this site has been basically dark and it depresses the hell out of me.