Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Listening Post

Blue October's Justin Furstenfeld is a melodramatic, self-loathing lunatic whose emotional diarrhea can be as exhilarating and revelatory as it is obnoxious and indulgent. When we last heard from him and his band, he'd written an entire album about his break-up with his wife and the ensuing custody battle over his daughter. In the hands of someone not quite so meticulous and determined when it comes to relating his pain, this could've been really powerful subject matter to mine, but Furstenfeld of course just had to tell the story in such detail that almost no one other than himself could ever relate to it. He's not about universal themes; he's about cutting his own wrists and bleeding all over the audience simply for the sake of the release.

That said, when he's good -- and when he does write as much for the listener as for himself -- he's very good.

Yeah, this is an amateur recording but it's an impressive one, done at a live show in Vegas. The song is from the new Blue October record, Sway, which is surprisingly good.

Here's Not Broken Anymore.

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