Thursday, August 15, 2013

Quote of the Day

"Fein told the WSJ that a U.S. TV producer called her and told her that Greenwald had been 'shopping around an exclusive interview with Mr. Snowden for seven figures.' Greenwald called the accusation 'defamatory' but did tell the WSJ that he had a discussion with NBC about conducting an interview with Snowden and licensing it to them for $50,000."

-- From a Business Insider column titled "Edward Snowden's Father Doesn't Trust His Son's Closest Allies," which details a conversation with Mattie Fein, Lon Snowden's wife, in which she expressed her husband's reservations about Glenn Greenwald and Wikileaks

I love this quote. I love everything about it. It's so wonderfully -- Greenwald.

"How dare you accuse me of shopping around a seven-figure interview with Edward Snowden!" And then in the pretty much the very next sentence, "Well, I mean, I am asking for five figures to license an interview with Edward Snowden, but that's completely different!"

It's rare that the semantic gymnastics and naked con artistry Greenwald regularly engages in and which make him so untrustworthy are put right out there for anyone and everyone to see. But there you have it.


ntx said...

Madam, we have already established the nature of your business. Now we are merely negotiating the price.

Mart said...

I wish Greenwald and Snowden were not giant douches. I wish the NSA was not a giant funnel our tax payer dollars are flowing into; with little to no benefit. I wish we had functional Congressional and Judicial oversight. I wish folks listened to the dirty f'n hippies who said that once a president assumes new power, the next one never gives it back. I wish Obama did not double down on Bush's failed policies and bend over to the military industrial complex.

None of my wishes have or will come true. What to do? Continuously attacking the douches Greenwald and Snowden is one approach. But I think you are dabbing at the vegetables, and missing the meat and potatoes.