Sunday, July 07, 2013

Tweet of the Day

If you're not a regular reader of Sean Tejaratchi's LiartownUSA Tumblr site you really have no idea what you're missing. It's one of Patton Oswalt's favorites and both it and Tejaratchi's Twitter feed -- @ShittingtonUK -- are generally hilarious and surreal. For the most part Tejaratchi sticks to being amusingly twisted, but this morning he decided to get into a debate with a couple of people over the use of the ridiculous term "mansplaining," which has fast become my least favorite social media neologism, the kind of thing that as soon as I hear or see it makes me utterly disregard the person who felt the need to throw it out there.

Tejaratchi's take on "mansplaining" is that it's a silly, condescending term and that when you fight condescension with condescension, you automatically lose.

By the way, this was my favorite response to the above tweet:

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JohnF said...

I want Molly Manglewood to be my friend.