Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Snowden Blower

Well, this is pretty much the most insane thing you'll see today: a five-minute film apparently thrown together quickly by a couple of Hong Kong filmmakers detailing the events that made Edward Snowden into, well, whatever he is these days. It's already received upwards of 100-thousand hits on YouTube with the comments on it, as you can imagine, ranging from thoughtful to barely legible due to what has to be the problem of trying to keep the tin-foil hat from falling over your face while you're typing.

The acting is laughable -- with an American-born English teacher living in Hong Kong stepping up to play Snowden -- and the overbearing soundtrack music sounds like Hans Zimmer being beaten to death with a foghorn. Since this isn't Michael Bay, Paul Greengrass or even John Woo we're talking about here, it doesn't end with a lot of action -- just an audio clip from the actual first interview Snowden gave to Glenn Greenwald, back before we knew for sure that he was a staggeringly naive political nihilist destined to collapse under the weight of his own relentless sense of self-importance.

The movie is called Verax.

If you can figure out why it exists, please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

WHY IS THE SCORE TURNED UP SO HIGH???? Oh sorry, was I shouting?