Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Send Pizza"

If you're looking for the singular thing on this planet that convinces me beyond a shadow of a doubt that there simply cannot be a loving and benevolent god in the heavens, it's this: the knowledge that right now at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles there exist literally dozens of little kids who've never known anything in their lives but pain. There's nothing more heartbreaking than a child battling cancer or some other essentially incurable disease that's been allowed to ravage their young lives, potentially cutting them far too short. It's just unfathomable that there's some sort of mysterious plan that we're not meant to understand underlying and mitigating the suffering of a kid. It's wrong -- it's just wrong.

Well, personal soapbox aside, sometimes some real goodness can come from the human beings of this world in an effort to make the lives of suffering children just a little brighter. And sometimes it can come in the form of pizza.

If you haven't seen this yet, it's the best story of the week -- hands down. I'd write it up here, but honestly you need to see it unfold through the series of images the Huffington Post has put together.

And it will surprise no one to learn that the first picture of Hazel, before her head was shaved, stopped me cold and instantly brought tears to my eyes.

The Huffington Post: Hazel Hammersley, 2-Year-Old Cancer Patient, Gets The Sweetest Pizza Party Of All Time/7.15.13

This. This gives me hope for us.

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alopecia said...

Chez, I knew you were really an old softy.

And that's easily the best story of the month, not just the week.