Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Salon Headline of the Day

Ah, where to even begin.

Maybe with the utter lack of an appreciation for the irony of calling something "hacky" literally just before writing the word "brogramming."

Or with the fact that the article somehow manages to crowbar George Zimmerman into a "review" of two TV shows.

Or with its completely predictable game of Salon Buzzword Mad Libs, which includes "white privilege," "racial and gender identity," "homophobia," "ethnic and age diversity" and a new one for the ages: "Brogramming fail."

Or with its ability to perform logical gymnastics to completely discount a factor which disproves its central thesis -- namely that Suits features Gina Torres, a strong black woman if ever there was one, in a position of incredible power -- simply because it disproves its central thesis.

Or with the inexplicable notion that watching Suits and Major Crimes is somehow a zero-sum game.

Or with the fact that, as usual, it's just a horribly written, pissy little polemic masquerading as a legitimate piece of journalism.


JohnF said...

Gina Torres is one of those actresses who's always going to feel "underused" no matter how much she actually appears in a show. Because she's awesome. Hello, Zoe from Firefly and married to Larry Fishburne?
That's pretty fucking cool.

Izar Talon said...

Gina Torres is RAD.

And forget Suits and whatever that show was that Salon mentioned. Everyone should be watching The Venture Brothers.

Adam said...

This last line speaks volumes. I'll admit the only reason I stumbled onto this website is for a last minute school paper and the title appealed to me...

...but I've just become a reader.


God damn, man well said. In this class we've highlighted the concern that with all this new digital content comes the uncertainty of validity.

This piece beautifully flies in the face of that nonsense by relentlessly ripping apart something considered "legitimate," and this piece is one of those types of content usually considered unreliable.

You're great man. I love this. Keep doing what you do, I'm gonna start reading it from today forward!