Monday, July 08, 2013

Reading Is Fund-amental: Day 1

I admit that there was a time there when very little was going up on this site and it can still occasionally be hit or miss. With that in mind, I'm not going to belabor the point or draw this out any longer than necessary, but the fact is that if I want to keep doing pledge drives, the best way to do them is seasonal -- hence, it's time for one. And so here we are -- with Beggy the Beaver and his sad, soulful eyes marking the start of our Summer Pledge Drive here at Deus Ex Malcontent.

You know how it works: If you like what you find at DXM and, more recently, on The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show podcast and at the Daily Banter -- if you find my rapier wit, not-at-all-penetrating insight, pathetic attempts at comedy, public fights with trolls, musical picks, and general juvenile behavior entertaining -- then by all means feel free to throw some money toward keeping these proceedings humming along.

There are a few ways you can put your hard-earned cash toward the DXM empire and me, its humble proprietor. The first is the simplest: Just click the Paypal electronic tip link in the right-hand sidebar of this screen and donate away. You can also use the Paypal tip jar to pay-what-you-want for a digital copy of my book, Dead Star Twilight, for iPad or Kindle. Go here to begin your instant download. Remember, it's a full length book -- 300-some-odd pages that I promise will whiz right by -- and it can be yours for whatever you feel like putting toward it. The last way you can give is by buying a physical copy of Dead Star Twilight from Amazon. To purchase the paperback, just click here. (It should be said that buying the book outright sends the least amount of money in my direction since there are costs and percentages to contend with; I want to sell books but I know there are some people out there who would want to be made aware of that.)

As always, I want to take a minute to thank everyone who continues, after more than seven years of effort and output, to read, share, comment on and otherwise indulge in this ongoing little experiment of mine. As I've admitted lately, I miss writing here full-time but unfortunately I'm no longer in a position to make a lot of money on a specific, regular shift, thereby leaving me space to write in my off-time. In fact, I actually have very little off-time these days. But I still write here. This is still my home. Believe it or not, I've had offers over the past year or so to either "sell-off" DXM or allow somebody else to partially take it over for me and, despite monthly money on the table, I've turned them down flat. This thing is just too important to me and even when I'm not here the way I'd like to be, just the knowledge that no matter where I go or what happens I always have this to return to is enough to make it worth it to keep it mine and only mine. DXM has always been independent and it will hopefully stay that way.

As for simply writing, I do that on a near-daily basis, whether it's specifically for here or for here, Banter and the Huffington Post, and I sure as hell don't do it because it makes me rich -- I do it because I love it and because you guys still inexplicably keep wanting to read it. So, again, thank you from the bottom of the dank pit where my heart is supposed to be.

An update tomorrow.

Now back to your regularly scheduled nonsense.

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