Sunday, July 28, 2013

Quote of the Day

"First of all, the kid's going to grow up in Gracie Mansion. So I'm going to say, 'Kid, don't complain.'"

-- Anthony Weiner on what he's going to tell his young son about the sexting scandals that have made his father into a national laughingstock and embarrassed his entire family

And there you have it.

If the all-consuming narcissism and mind-boggling lack of any sense of shame weren't enough to make you not only refuse to ever vote for Anthony Weiner but to openly, hostilely detest him as a human being, this should seal the deal. Nothing Weiner has ever done has been about anyone but him, about his naked ambition and his invariably self-serving goals.

I'll give Weiner this: He's one of the most transparent politicians America has ever seen. He's made it perfectly clear that the end will always justify the means -- or excuse the mistakes -- and that as long as he gets what he wants, who cares how he did it or what needed to be overlooked to make it happen? What's worse, for those wondering about Huma Abedin and the ways she seems to be enabling this asshole, now you know exactly how he's pitching the whole thing to her: It doesn't matter how many dumb little fangirls I send pictures of my dong to because unlike them and everyone openly mocking you right now, you're going to be the first lady of New York City, living in Gracie Mansion, when all of this is over. So what if I had to break a bunch of eggs to make you a gilded omelet?

Except that she's not going to end up living in Gracie. None of them are. If he continues his delusional campaign, come election day Weiner's going to be exactly what he is right now. He's going to be a national punchline, only with the added humiliation of watching himself and the family he's shamed go down in flames.


Girl With Curious Hair said...

What you seem to forget is that he's doing this for his son and his wife. Because every child wants to grow up in Gracie mansion.

Mary said...


I am not sure if you saw this, but I thought you'd enjoy it - I know I certainly did. Nice to see a woman finally give Mr. Weiner a dose of reality.


Luke Weiss said...

I am not so sure.
Let me first say that I have never liked weiner. I thought he was an idiot when the biggest headlines he was pulling were in the Brooklyn Papers: Park Slope Edition.
I have followed his career, very casually, ever since his days on the city council. And I always felt he was just under smart enough to be really useful.
BUT - this is way out ahead of the election - you know this full well, as one of your tropes is the news cycle - and weiner has several cycles before the election. He has plenty of time to ride this out.
AND - the field is seriously weak - the other dems suck and there is no republican. So, he could back into this office. His arrogance will play extremely well with New Yorkers, who don't give a shit about anything except arrogance. You know this place, you lived here long enough.
Now, he could be donetown, but I would not call it right now, as the cock-cycle is still winding down. In two or three more cycles we will see where the cock-monster is in the polls.

paleotectonics said...

I am curious about Huma Abedin. Not going to criticize her, it is her marriage and she is able to make of it what she wants. But she has an amazing political future ahead on her own - she served, very ably, a highly regarded Secretary of State.

P'raps he should shut it and she should run for Mayor. Or, given she has worked in every major palace in the world, maybe Gracie Mansion is a touch provincial and she should aim much higher.

Let me back up a paragraph. He should definitely shut it etc. etc. etc.

Adam said...

Hey! Wait a minute! His NAME is Weiner, too?! Oh my goodness, I only just realized after all this time...

On a serious note, I find it funny that the topics of discussion surrounding the mayoral office of NYC lately has been about sexting and soda bans when Stop and Frisk is conducted en masse without any further explanation as to why.

Hate to be that guy (no I don't.) Just sayin'.