Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Pimp Biscuit

I realize that we're right in the middle of our massive Summer Pledge Drive around here so the last thing I want to do is defer whatever loose change you have in your pocket toward some worthy cause other than my own need to eat, but I really want to do a favor for a friend here while turning you all on to something awesome. If you've ever dined out in New York, you know that the city has just about any kind of food you could possibly want. What it doesn't have, though -- and what it needs -- is biscuits. We're talking excellent, Southern-style biscuits, jams and jellies, biscuit sandwiches and, from what I hear, freaking unbelievable biscuits and gravy.

Well, good friend, great guy, and up-and-coming restaurateur Yonadav Tsuna and his business partners aim to rectify that unfortunate situation by opening Empire Biscuit on Avenue A in the East Village in the very near future. They've got a terrific chef, a great space that they're currently in the process of clearing out, and the kind of business model that can only come from a kid who worked on Wall Street before quickly deciding that he needed to get the hell out of there and go do something worthwhile and passionate with his life. (I've known about his plan to open a restaurant since we first met out and about in NYC a couple of years ago.)

Bottom line: Yonadav and his partners at Empire Biscuit have launched a Kickstarter campaign and it's really the kind of reason that Kickstarter was created -- to give people with dreams a little start-up cash to be put toward making them come true.

Watch the video. When the place is open, visit the restaurant and buy the biscuits. And if you can afford to, throw some money toward this worthwhile venture. If you pledge enough, maybe Yonadav will agree to shave that silly moustache.

Kickstarter: Empire Biscuit

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ZIRGAR said...

Ahhhhhhh, man, that sounds so fucking awesome. As a southerner nothing makes my eyes glaze over in delight quite like the warm, fluffy deliciousness of a great biscuit. Just the biscuit. Now, if you add some butter and cover them in sausage gravy, you have a meal fit for a king. I wish this place the best.