Thursday, July 25, 2013

Listening Post

Word is this video took well over a year to make, mostly because director Paul Thomas Anderson had to stop halfway through it to go shoot The Master.

Admittedly, Fiona Apple has never looked better, but I'm going to violate critical conventional wisdom and say that as Apple's gotten more and more adventurous as an artist, I've enjoyed her music less and less. This isn't to say that some of it isn't very good, only that I still remember my reaction to hearing the languid loveliness of Tidal for the first time -- I put the headphones on at the former Virgin Megastore on Sunset here in L.A. and honestly felt my knees go weak -- and I miss that from Fiona.

Here's Hot Knife.

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Jason Brzoska said...

Gotta agree with you. I love this song (and the video) as a piece of art, but not so much as a song, if that makes sense...

Crazy that she's now twice the age she was when she did the Criminal video.