Monday, July 08, 2013

E-Mail of the Week

I almost never post e-mails that I get, whether complimentary or critical, mostly because I feel like the privacy of those who reach out to me off-the-record deserves to be protected. But every once in a while somebody steps up and behaves like a fucking idiot and when that happens I see no need to be decent about it.

Suffice it to say, last week's quickie post on the Hawthorne dog shooting garnered not just a lot of passionate debate in the comment section, it also won me quite a bit of hate mail from dog lovers. It should go without saying that the killing of Leon Rosby's dog was really tragic and unfortunate; like just about everybody else on the planet, I'm a huge dog fan and it made my heart sink watching that awful scene unfold. But I still think that given the circumstances as they occurred, the shooting was justified.

I'll get more into it in another piece I'm putting together on the shooting and the reaction to it, but for now, please enjoy the comments of one Nicole Haley, who apparently has a huge problem with my take on the incident -- as well as with the English language:

"Ugly fuk ... U an informer piece of shit.. Prob ducking that pigs cock like that faggot u r. Ur a loser n should get a life..
That cops a waste bytch n had no reason to even go over there watch the video again idiot."

Why am I bothering with this? Because Nicole's been pretty relentless in e-mailing me over the past week, so, in the words of William Sadler's evil Colonel Stuart character from Die Hard 2, that ends our object lesson for this evening. Anybody want her e-mail address?


Drew said...

I have a hard time regarding texts in text speak. So I can't seriously regard anyone that writes in text speak. It shows a lack of sophistication and makes one look abysmally stupid.

Chez, have you considered correcting it in red pen, grading it, and sending it back to her?

Claude Weaver said...


Um, yeah, I mostly stayed away from the discussion because it turned a sad, avoidable event into a wedge issue, and I hated THAT. This is not something that needed a us vs. them mentality.

This, I can't even imagine what the other emails were like. Maybe she was doing this on a cellphone or something mobile? Because my brain cannot accept that happened on an an actual keyboard.

My question is: how is "informer" an insult? Did she mean you were a snitch? A gay snitch (and not a terribly good one, seeing as you duck pigs cocks and all)?

I just...I just want to understand, and yet I fear the day that I finally do.

JohnF said...

One would think Governor Nikki Haley had better things to do.

Chez said...

Comment of the Week, and it's only Monday.

trish said...

That is one dumb bytch.

T.M. Camp said...

In truth, one should always duck a pig's cock.