Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Comment of the Week

In response to last week's Salon Headline of the Day, which trumpeted a piece by Andrew O'Hehir ludicrously claiming that The Conjuring is anti-women and right-wing.

"'It features Vera Farmiga, an actress too strange and too powerful for mainstream Hollywood stardom.' What the fuck does that even mean? No, really. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN? Is she a sorceress, feared and loathed by the Hollywood Illuminati?

-- TK"

Exactly. Thanks, TK. As usual, you've won a brand new Chrysler Cordoba and you can pick it up at Morty's office.


JohnF said...

I think they're confusing Suits with Franklin & Bash.

And a huge nitpick: The scene where Mike shows up with the suitcase full of weed does not feature him telling the secretary he's on the run from the cops. He actually just pretends to be someone else (another candidate who had presumably gotten bored and went home) and goes right in for the interview. Then, when he's already in the interview room, the briefcase pops open and the weed falls out.
It's such a bizarre turn of events that Harvey just has to hear what it's all about, and Mike's explanation is plausible enough that it defuses the situation. But that's not how he gets the job.
It's not the weed story or Mike's "moxie" that gets him the job. It's his intelligence, and his encyclopedic knowledge of legal minutiae. That and the fact that Harvey's really fed up with the usual hiring practice and is ready to try something different.

Or, in language that makes sense only to Salon readers, "brogramming." This from the same people who brought you "mansplaining," "whitesplaining" and (I imagine) "bodysplaining," "Americasplaining," "Republisplaining," etc.

Chez said...

Stop it! You're getting in the way of their righteous liberal outrage with your... your, facts.

JohnF said...

Did I comment on the wrong post?
Ahh, well.