Friday, July 12, 2013

Auto Reply: Out of Office

There's this great little place out in Palm Springs where my girlfriend and I go whenever we want to get away from everything. In addition to the desert, the spring water, the clean air, and all the other qualities that make our escapes to this place so wonderful, it doesn't hurt that the last time we went the whole thing was on them, thanks to the fact that my name was drawn in a Facebook contest they have each month, the prize being a free weekend. Well, maybe they just like us or something, because while we were there for our completely on-the-house getaway recently, one of the managers of the place gave us passes for another free weekend -- and we're taking it beginning today.

It's pretty rare for somebody to step up and do something nice for you so I guess you have to always remember to appreciate the hell out of it when it happens. And I do.

Speaking of which, I want to say a truly wholehearted thank-you to everyone who was kind enough to reach out and contribute during this week's Summer Pledge Drive. The support, especially after all this time, humbles me like you wouldn't believe. So thanks.

Now I can give Beggy the Beaver a hot meal and let him hibernate until Fall.

See you all on Monday.


JohnF said...

I love Palm Springs. But no more than 4 days at a time, max.

Victor the Crab said...

Have fun this weekend Chez. You deserve it.