Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quote of the Day

"I did hear another story, not from Greenwald himself, about the Guardian writer's life in Brazil. The Out profile of him mentioned the pack of stray dogs that Greenwald had adopted. But it skipped over the boys — mainly friends of his partner David Michael Miranda — who sleep over and play videogames at the house. That would have given too much ammunition to Greenwald's conservative critics."

-- Gawker Publisher Nick Denton on Glenn Greenwald

I'm really not sure what the hell to make of this. There's a story in today's New York Daily News that digs pretty deeply into Greenwald's life and finds that he used to be involved in the business side of a gay porn company and that he continues to have all kinds of problems with the IRS, including tens of thousands of dollars in outstanding debt, but I honestly don't care about that. As Greenwald essentially says, everybody's got their trouble. It is entertaining to get further confirmation that he's a pissy, demanding little pain-in-the-ass who lives for unnecessary melodrama and who thinks his shit doesn't stink -- also that he considers ancient history to be about ten years ago -- but for the most part the Daily News revelations are meaningless.

Now Denton's insinuation, on the other hand, seems pretty nasty. But the above quote is really all he says about it aside from saying that he met Greenwald in Rio 18 months ago, which means, I assume, that he's claiming to know about Greenwald and videogame-paying boys from some kind of personal experience, either with Greenwald himself or someone close to him. Denton threw the link to Gawker's story on the Greenwald report up on Twitter just a little while ago with this headline: "Finally, an excuse to share my Glenn Greenwald gossip."

It's a pretty damning charge to make, even as subtle innuendo. I hope Denton's got something to back this kind of thing up seeing as how vindictively sue-happy Greenwald has proven himself to be over the years.

This is one of those cases, though, where whoever loses, we win.


Eric said...

Hrm. The follow-up comment from Denton at the same link you posted:

Yeah, Greenwald is generally pretty open. That's what has made him an elusive target for a character assassin. There is vanishingly little hypocrisy to expose.

He does even touch on his Brazilian social life in the Out interview: "It translates into this: I end up playing video games with a bunch of 23-year-olds until 3 a.m., and he ends up reading the Nietzsche I give him."

But my understanding is that the "bunch of 23-year-olds" are a rather permanent fixture of his domestic arrangements — and that's a source of embarrassment even to someone as unembarrassed as Greenwald.

I'd have to say the insinuation was unintentional. Denton confusingly uses "boys" when he means "young adult men".

I guess we just have to settle for sticking with "Greenwald's a self-aggrandizing douchebag with a history of playing fast and loose with facts", which remains true.

Eric said...

Having gone back and read the post Denton's comment appeared under, my favorite bit was this:

With Greenwald's help, the company began making money, but when it came time to pay up, Haas refused, saying Greenwald had demanded "changes to the content of the videos which were and are unacceptable."

I can only imagine. At first, they filmed and released a half-hour gay porn vid. But then, Greenwald decided they needed a five-minute post-credits scene. After a second set of credits, this was followed by an additional three minutes of extra footage, complete with a third set of credits. The now 38 minute video was finally released to the public, but after a scathing review in an adult video industry mag, Greenwald insisted the video be recalled and had an additional ten minutes of footage shot, which were appended to the end of the video, which was then re-released. The release delays prompted complaints from several adult video rental stores; these complaints infuriated Greenwald, who recalled the video a second time and re-released it with an additional forty-two minutes of footage, followed by yet another credits roll, followed by nine minutes of deleted scenes....

As last observed, the half-hour gay porn video is now only available as a seventeen-hour box set. Greenwald's former business partners obviously can't afford a sequel.

Chez said...

Comment of the week, right there.

Anonymous said...

"It is entertaining to get further confirmation that he's a pissy, demanding little pain-in-the-ass who lives for unnecessary melodrama and who thinks his shit doesn't stink -- also that he considers ancient history to be about ten years ago --..."

Oh Chezzy Chez, may I introduce my friend kettle? Kettle, this is pot, I mean Chez. You guys should get along marvelously.

Chez said...

There's of course nothing I take more seriously than cutesy scolding from "anonymous."