Thursday, June 27, 2013

Picture of the Day

I'm really enjoying the uncharacteristic brush-off the usual dingbats on the religious right are getting in the wake of yesterday's Supreme Court decisions on DOMA and Prop 8. For years, political leaders and polite society in general have felt like those who've stood in the way of progress in the name of adhering to the tenets of a 2,000-year-old book of fairy tales require a certain amount of respect and deference, but I get the impression that this is finally changing. That's not to say that our politicians will, at any time in the near future, completely abandon the faithful and their little delusions. But it goes to show that people like Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, Bryan Fischer, Rick Perry and so on have so co-opted and codified what it means to believe in something spiritual that they've essentially created a product out of it -- and one whose image they've now ruined.

That's what makes it so easy to dismiss out of hand Mike Huckabee's laughably self-pitying quote from the Bible -- which of course assumes that he knows what the hell the supposed creator of the universe thinks -- and so much fun to watch Nancy Pelosi literally roll her eyes and not even bother to throw shade at Michele Bachmann because she just isn't worth the effort.

If you haven't seen this Pelosi response yet, it's sincerely one for the ages.


Kennet said...

I caught this tweet yesterday and found myself fairly incised by it. Having happily walked entirely away from a non-denomination, born again church and childhood, I do however still enjoy the benefits of all the dogmatic word study once beaten into me. It is in this where I take the most offense to this statement.

The scripture this was cherry-picked from isn't particularly poetic, cryptic, or up for interpretation. It was a simple emotion Jesus felt because Lazarus had died and he was witnessing the sorrow of those others in attendance.

Taken from Gill's Exposition:

"Jesus wept. As he was going along to the grave, see John 11:28; as he was meditating upon the state of his friend Lazarus, the distress his two sisters were in, and the greater damnation that would befall the Jews then present, who, notwithstanding the miracle, would not believe in him."

It was entirely sympathetic. He was not upset that people we're doing anything in particular.

It's a nice moral to a story that likely never happened.

And this draws to my second point on these sorts of things. When the Bible says we shouldn't take the Lord's name in vain, the word means vanity. It doesn't mean eternal damnation of you yell "Christ!" when you stub your toe. It means don't twist the words spoken by Jesus to prop up your own bullshit rhetoric and ideas.

I can not think of a better example of a christian doing exactly that than what piece-of-shit, lowest-common-denominator Mike Huckabee has to say (or in this case needs you to know what Jesus has to say) about same-gender couples who love each other being able to get military funerals, visitation rights, executable wills, and power of attorney in a dozen of 50 states.

Fuck him with a flat iron.

Riles said...

Kennet for Comment of the Day.

nancym said...

Jesus never mentioned homosexuality in any version of the New Testament. He did have plenty to say against divorce, in favor of taking care of others, and loving ALL your neighbors, not just those who think like you do, Mr Huckabee.