Monday, June 24, 2013

Listening Post

One of the most annoying things for me about the all this Edward Snowden crap is that now I can't help thinking about that idiot every time I hear the name of this song. And there simply aren't words for now much I love this song and this band.

Here's Doves -- Snowden.

Happy Monday, hamsters. Back to the wheel with you.


Matt Mangels said...

Ok, I'll bite: why is Snowden an idiot, Chez?

Chez said...

I tend to use idiot as a catch-all. Snowden's certainly smart, but he's also a painfully narcissistic political nihilist who wraps himself in a cloak of righteous indignation, a guy who initially claimed to be against a supposedly illegal -- but not really -- NSA program that data-mined Americans but who in reality just hates the entire system we count on to protect us simply for its own sake. We've written a lot about it at The Daily Banter lately. Feel free to go check it out if you'd like. I'm not getting deeply into it here.