Thursday, June 27, 2013

Comment of the Week

In response to today's earlier post, reference Nick Denton's insinuation that Glenn Greenwald's home in Rio is often overrun with "boys" -- really, what appears to be more like young men -- who sleep over and play videogames. Denton's comment came attached to a piece at Gawker detailing Greenwald's involvement in the business end of a gay porn operation years ago:

"Having gone back and read the post Denton's comment appeared under, my favorite bit was this:

'With Greenwald's help, the company began making money, but when it came time to pay up, Haas refused, saying Greenwald had demanded changes to the content of the videos which were and are unacceptable.'

I can only imagine. At first, they filmed and released a half-hour gay porn vid. But then, Greenwald decided they needed a five-minute post-credits scene. After a second set of credits, this was followed by an additional three minutes of extra footage, complete with a third set of credits. The now 38 minute video was finally released to the public, but after a scathing review in an adult video industry mag, Greenwald insisted the video be recalled and had an additional ten minutes of footage shot, which were appended to the end of the video, which was then re-released. The release delays prompted complaints from several adult video rental stores; these complaints infuriated Greenwald, who recalled the video a second time and re-released it with an additional forty-two minutes of footage, followed by yet another credits roll, followed by nine minutes of deleted scenes....

As last observed, the half-hour gay porn video is now only available as a seventeen-hour box set. Greenwald's former business partners obviously can't afford a sequel.

-- Eric"

The only thing missing is Greenwald openly attacking critics of the film as cultists and intellectually dishonest servants of the gay entertainment media complex who cravenly show fealty to the brand of male-on-male 69-ing deemed acceptable by the authorities.

Incidentally, I really wanted to try to start a #GreenwaldPorn titles meme this morning on Twitter because it's so ripe for great material, but there's no way in hell anyone would go near something like that.

I was gonna start with "Manning Bradley" and work my way down from there.

Anyway, congratulations, Eric. As always you win a brand new Chrysler Cordoba and you can pick it up at Morty's office.


Riles said...

That's Gold, Jerry!

JohnF said...

Eric Blow-den

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Operation JISM


Bone Strike

oh, my best one:
Direct Access or Erect Ass-cess (depends on how hokey/plain Jane you are)

Oh, man, my Captcha says "inserting". This is just perfect.