Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Comment of the Week

I'm always curious what leads people to old pieces I've written, and certainly what would lead someone to comment on an old piece that I've written when it should be abundantly clear that pretty much nobody will see it -- unless of course the comment in question is as insane as this one.

Five years ago, I wrote about CNN correspondent Richard Quest's unusual run-in with the law. For those who don't remember, he was arrested in Central Park with a bag of meth in his pocket, a dildo stuffed in his shoe, and a rope tied around his balls. (For the record, that's how I go out every day.) He was jettisoned off to rehab for a bit but in the end didn't actually lose his job at CNN, which at the time kind of peeved me given that I had just been fired for blogging.

Anyway, it turns out the reason he wasn't let go involves, of course, the Great Zionist Media Conspiracy, which also includes Wolf Blitzer and -- eh, fuck it, just read the anonymous comment that came in overnight.

"LMFAO! The REAL reason Quest was retained (while you were not) is because he is JEWISH. It's no secret that CNN is Zionist dominated; Wolf Blitzer who is the chief anchor for CNN, is a Mossad Agent (everybody know it, nobody says it) and most of the reporters there shill for Israel; they're only 'liberal' when they criticize anybody else - otherwise they're hawkish when it comes to protecting Israeli interests. Hey, they fired their BEST reporter Peter Arnett because he was unbiased and they fired Octavia Nasr for having an opinion (something that I'm told is common in a democracy) so dumping a meth head (especially someone stupid enough to tell his arresting officer he has drugs in his pockets!) would be a no-brainer; But NOOOOOOO! The Mr. Bean copycat still has a job. I used to enjoy Quest when he was on The BBC; he was so insane (I think they deliberately let him run riot just so that they could laugh at him behind his back) at the drab BBC that he livened up the proceedings; but at CNN he was insufferable. It's hard to stand apart when you're a clown because the circus around you is even more ridiculous than you are! He seems to get picked for news that's NOT in his field of expertise and I don't learn a thing from his reports! No good if you're going to call yourself a journalist. I wouldn't be surprised if this is HIS (unique) way of getting himself fired! Amazing! Perhaps you should have tried to DELIBERATELY get yourself fired; then they would have retained you!"

It's been a while since I truly maintained this site in a manner befitting it and its storied history, and, believe me, no one's more upset about that than me. But I guess it's nice that I can still draw the occasional Thorazine-addled reader onto the premises.


Izar Talon said...

Wow! Wolf Blitzer, a Mossad agent! Ya learn something new every day!

Eric said...

A number of years ago, I got a similar kind of comment on a similarly old post, except the post was something about the band Blondie and the author was railing about guitarist Chris Stein and (if I remember correctly) some nonsense about miscegenation between the (apparently? I had no idea) Jewish Stein and his bandmate/ex-girlfriend Debbie Harry. I don't want to downplay the offensiveness of the comment, but it was more bewildering than anything.

Your similar experience now has me wondering if there's some cabal of antisemitic trolls cruising blogs for old posts they can leave derogatory and anti-Zionist comments on. Which, y'know, just seems like a kind of bizarre and pointless pastime as much as anything--couldn't these guys be doing something more productive, like masturbating into a sock and then doing their laundry?

JohnF said...

Oh, good. We're still blaming things on the JOOOS. I was worried that we'd moved past that.

namron said...

The commenter just got the link to your original post. It got stuck in the NSA's super computer

Victor the Crab said...

I'm reading that quote, and I'm imagining the voice of Alex Jones spewing it.

Anonymous said...

Wolf Blitzer a Mossad agent.... Mossad must be on the ropes.

Anonymous said...

A rant follows:
How can you stand LA?
Maybe having your dinky mini cooper and tattoos helps?
All about shallow folks there, which is actually charming.

NYC is far more fascinating, day by day. And then there's always than JetBlue to Florida? Or airlines to Europe. LA folks generally only go to Hawaiwi or Australia.

Just wait for a scarey earthquake,
that's why I moved back to nyc.

It's wonderful that you have work there!

Great NYC brain surgeons saved you. You don't know how lucky your outcome was...and I enjoyed your posts about all that.

Even though Jayne has now married a Dallas shopping mall family. In New Orleans! Loved those pro pics.

I'd be interested to know about how you make a living these days.

And please don't post this.

Chez said...

Are you kidding me? There was NO WAY I wasn't going to post that comment. It's pure magic.

Mart said...

I have been checking in on your blog for a long time, and that is maybe the best comment ever. And please don't post this... is a perfect ending from Anonymous.

Randy said...

seriously weird shit Chester!