Friday, May 03, 2013

Tweet of the Day

Captain America doesn't like dweeby super-douche Ben Shapiro. That is just classic.


Marsupialus said...

Ben was on Piers Morgan last night being all serious about how the level of herotude has degraded sharply since Normandy. This, in relation to the first openly out professional athlete. You know, you're right, Ben, the threshold for heroics has degraded some since Normandy. I mean, we Korea was a draw. We lost Vietnam. And then there was that guy that landed on the deck of the aircraft carrier and declared Mission Accomplished. Can't think of his name but I remember all the network anchors going apeshit about his heroic bearing and making sly winks at his package. Now there was a hero.

You know it's not really Ben's fault, it's that anyone with half a mind actually gives this fool and platform. I don't know why I'm just waking up to the fact that the "news" outlets have to fill time and space, and they want controversy in order to generate readers or viewers. It's not about truth or an actual record of what's going on out that -- you know, news. It's ratings.

JohnF said...

Chris Evans just went up in my estimation.

ZIRGAR said...

He'll always be Johnny Storm to me.

Izar Talon said...

Which is only appropriate. The actual Cap from the comics is a dyed-in-the-wool FDR New Deal Democrat; the scrawny kid Steve Rogers worked for the Works Progress Administration as an artist painting murals and such before he volunteered to be the test subject for Operation: REBIRTH.

Steve Rogers even RESIGNED his commission as Captain America for a time during the 70s in disgust over Marvel's version of Watergate, when he became disillusioned and disgusted with the state of elected officials handling of things like civil rights and treatment of the poor.

People seem to think that just because he's portrayed as the personification of American patriotism, Captain America is some gung-ho jingoistic Right Wing poster boy, but the truth is that Cap has always been portrayed in the comics as VERY Liberal (which is only natural, as Stan Lee, a huge fellow Liberal, tried his best to write him as embodying what he saw as the best qualities of American society.)

If you want the Right Wing poster child, look no further than the very personification of the military industrial complex, Tony Stark, the Iron Man... which is the A Number 1 reason why Cap, a poor kid from Depression era Brooklyn, and Stark, an old money weapons manufacturer, have butted heads so often throughout their history.

Cap is the personification of New Deal Liberalism; a desperately poor 100 pound weakling kid who benefited from a government program to help him achieve success, wrapped in the American flag and volunteered to go of to war to save people from the evil of the Nazis, while Iron Man is the embodiment of 60s Conservatism; born rich and wrapped in a high tech weapon manufactured by his own personal arms company, which he designed primarily to save his own ass.

Who says comic books have no depth?

CMLion said...

What I love-love-LOVE about Chris Evans' comment (besides that it comes from Chris Evans whom I adore), is that he doesn't say "hate". The guy has class--and brains, too. As my grandmother (the English teacher) used to say, "Hate is a violently strong word. You don't hate anybody.")

Evans is good people... and adorable.