Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pink-y and the Complete Lack of a Brain

So I see the screeching, ineffectual buffoons from Code Pink -- namely the group's founder, Medea Benjamin -- were at it again today.

In case you were lucky enough to miss it, this time Benjamin managed to somehow grab the spotlight away from her biggest target yet, heckling the President of the United States. Never mind that Barack Obama was holding a press conference whose sole purpose was to explain and clarify U.S. policy on the prosecution of war overseas and to push publicly again for the closure of Guantanamo, that of course wasn't good enough for Benjamin, because DRONES!

What I loved about this moment, though, is that Obama handled it with an almost staggering level of graciousness, certainly much more than Benjamin would've gotten from a president culled from the current crop of Republicans. He let her shriek, let her rant about the CIA and Muslim-killing, even deferred to her, and then calmly continued.

In other words, he made her look like what she is: a fucking jackass.

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Benoit from Ottawa said...

Amazing guy. A real statesman.

JohnF said...

Incredible. She's actually more annoying than the Other Madea.

Anonymous said...

I'm asking a genuine question here: what has Medea really done to make something better in the country besides protesting, making organizations, and writing books about social problems? Because it looks like all that work hadn't paid off all these years.

-- Tony

bafreeman said...

She came across as such a petulant dumbass. As he continued to point out that he was addressing exactly the issues she was raising, she just got more shrill and raised different ones. She sounded like an over-tired bratty kid--think Cartman without the Jew-bashing--having a total meltdown on the way to the car after a day at Disney, recalling every mean thing his parents ever did to him, all because they wouldn't let him go on ONE. LAST. RIDE!

Anonymous said...

We are still force feeding people slated to be released a long time ago right???

Seriously... I cannot imagine the US being secured unless there is torture in my name.

Chez said...

In your name -- anonymous?