Friday, April 26, 2013

We're Cursed

As has been the usual lately, this was posted last night but I'm linking it here today. The new piece for Banter takes a look at A.J. Clemente -- the kid who swore his way to fame and fortune.

Here's the opening shot:

"I truly hate who we are these days.

By now there’s a pretty good chance you know A.J. Clemente so well that it feels like he’d get an invitation to your next family reunion. Over the past few days, the guy has been everywhere — from your e-mail inbox, to your 'suggested videos' column on YouTube, to every late-night and morning show on network and cable television — all because he did something stupid in front of a camera and consequently became our country’s latest instant pop culture fascination."

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Matt said...

Fuck everyone who is enabling this guy. This is the TV news equivalent of William Hung. I can't blame him for latching onto this and milking it until he loses all relevance, but when did publicly fucking up become a valid career move?

Mart said...

Remember a late night news update on WGN Chicago (in the 80's?) and what sounded like a lamp exploded on set with quite a bang. Newscasters eyes about popped out of his head along with a high pitched scream. He quickly realized it was just a lamp, regained his composure, and finished the spot. We laughed our asses off. Too bad no social media back then, or he could have had fifteen minutes of fame.