Tuesday, April 23, 2013

There Ain't No Sanity Clause 2: Boston Boogaloo

Last week I posted a link to a Facebook conversation between a bunch of lunatic conspiracy theorists and a friend of mine, Josh Olson, who had proceeded to tear them apart piece by piece. These people were of course alleging Alex Jonesian nonsense in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, crap like the ever-popular "false flag" terrorism claims and the ridiculous and easily debunkable rumors of a "controlled explosion" on the day of the blasts.

As I said at the time, the world of the conspiracy theorist is where ignorance and arrogance meet, because these morons truly do believe that they're the only people who really know what's going on and the rest of us are the stupid ones, when in reality it's of course exactly the opposite. Under normal circumstances, it'd be best to ignore the Alex Jones crowd completely, because there's simply no arguing with someone who will not accept reality, who won't believe what their own eyes see and what their own ears hear and who are convinced that there's some dark secret lurking behind the veil of every single fucking thing they experience. But the problem is that, thanks to social media, these clowns now have a voice and thanks to the sheer volume of media outlets these days they have the ability to occasionally subvert respectable journalism and inject their insanity into the mainstream. Case in point: what happened last week at a critical news conference in the immediate wake of the bombings, when Info Wars "reporter" and raving dipshit Dan Bidondi hijacked the spotlight by bombarding Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick with questions about false flag terrorism and government cover-ups.

Anyway, the same people Josh took down last week are still at it -- and so I once again invite you to put on your tinfoil hat and immerse yourself in the mentally unbalanced "reality" of the people who believe not only that the Tsarnaev brothers were unwitting patsies set up by the government, but who actually think that the victims of the attack were wounded beforehand because they would've died had they lost limbs like that, and that, in fact, there may not even have been a bombing.

Pay special attention, by the way, to the craziest and balls-out stupidest person you'll ever come into contact with: Wren Tyree.

And once again marvel at how Josh won't tolerate any of that shit.

Facebook: Christine Robert: "What's the Agenda of the Person Feeding You 'Facts?"/4.22.13


Robo said...

The new branch of these wing-nut theories is the "Testing of Martial Law" that occurred by a Civilian (Mayor/Governor) locking down an entire city and now allowing people to go outside.

The level of Bat-Shit Crazy is just amazing.

Marsupialus said...

Bravo to Josh for wading in but, as you say, difficult to argue with people who see something other than what's in front of them. Unfortunately one of younger brothers seems to be sitting around his house all day soaking this stuff in and believing it.

But let me say that graphic which says you're an actor hired to be in an emergency drill and it turns out they've give you real explosives -- well it's a variation on the movie, "Shooter" with Mark Wahlberg, but I think there's a viable concept in there.

Chez, here's your opportunity crank out a fast script. It's some neocon maverick buried in some agency in cahoots with corporate military / security industry interests who want to gin up a revived police state that cooks this thing up. One thread is to rev up support to invade Iran. Another thread is the $$$ that come in with new security contracts. You've got the young actor on the run. The massive manhunt. And someone, some good person in the government who figures it out. I see Michael Cera in the role of the young actor dupe. I see Channing Tatum in the role of the government official who solves the case. Doesn't have to be the marathon. You could put in in a Thanksgiving parade or any parade in a big city where large crowds show up.

It's all there!!! My gift to you.

Riles said...

Holy shit, that FB thread makes me want to turn off the internet for good.

Namaste, motherfuckers!

slouchmonkey said...

Wow, Josh. Legend. Don't worry, man! When the SHTF I got your back! What madness.

Anonymous said...

Now we have a NH legislator claiming the US Govt is behind the Boston bombings. This is an actual elected official. Mind boggling: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/23/stella-tremblay-boston-bombing_n_3140461.html

Dan McMillan said...

I knew that people like this are out there, and have even had a little first hand experience.

But this.....this only happens when you pull all the funding for public mental institutions.

ZIRGAR said...

Without having read the thread (yet), I don't know if this was addressed, but I find it amusing that these conspiracy nuts are paranoid and in denial about anything and everything except for their own conspiracies.

Josh Olson said...

Sadly, it would seem that Christine Robert has blocked me from posting on her page anymore. Fun while it lasted, but I DID want to hear someone break down the logistics of how the US government would fake the entire thing.

Chez said...

That's a real shame. That said, your final soliloquy was a thing of sheer fucking beauty. Needless to say, there isn't a damn soul there among the faithful who will believe anything you have to say, but it's entertaining to watch you at least try. I genuinely can't fathom what causes that kind of lunacy -- how somebody can watch something on the news, on every channel, watch interviews and bloodshed and funerals and, well, REALITY and say to him or herself, "Oh, I can so tell that's all fake. I know immediately that NONE OF THAT is real."

That's an insanity I can't even begin to understand.

Anonymous said...

Let's add to the insanity. It's being reported that there's a growing movement that believes DT and his late brother are completely innocent and this is purely a government set-up, as reported here: http://abcnews.go.com/US/boston-bomb-suspect-dzhokhar-tsarnaev-online/story?id=19022740#.UXhXlXfeI1J

One wonders what those devices were that they were setting off in the gun battle Thursday night when they shot the MIT cop. Oh wait, I guess they didn't do that. He shot himself. Or he was shot by government agents.

This is what you get from years and years of right-wing echo chamber shouting on radio and TV: a whole group of people who believe the government is out to do them.