Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Cuban Visit Crisis

Tonight's Daily Banter column takes a look at Jay-Z and Beyoncé's trip to Cuba and the completely predictable reaction to it by those in Washington who represent the hardline anti-Castro Cuban exile community in my hometown of Miami.

The whole thing is a lesson in counterproductive insanity -- as usual.

Here's the opening shot:

"Back in 1997, after a few years out west working for KCBS, I was approached by NBC-owned WTVJ in Miami about the possibility of returning to my hometown. During negotiations with the station over a producer position, I went into pretty good detail about my reservations when it came to going back to Miami. Granted, the job I had at the time was anything but fulfilling — in truth, working at KCBS was like a daily gangbang of sociopathic debasement and stupidity — but there were elements of growing up in South Florida that I still couldn’t get out of my head and which I wasn’t sure I wanted to willingly return to. And so I brought some of these concerns up to my potential new bosses at WTVJ — and I didn’t hold back, certainly not about what I felt was one inescapable fact about life in Miami that I simply didn’t want to have to deal with at any point in my life again.

'This is gonna sound crappy, I know, but I’ve really enjoyed not hearing the name Fidel Castro even once over the past couple of years,' I said, bluntly putting it out there."

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