Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Bob & Chez Show After Party, 4.4.13

Join the After Party

Here’s What You’re Missing This Week: Special Thursday Show; White Supremacists and Right-Wing Extremism; Bushie Congressman Tim Griffin and the Arkansas Oil Spill; Disney Shuts Down LucasArts; 'Star Wars' Sequel News; We Review ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’; 'Jurassic Park' 20th Anniversary (Dear God Do We Feel Old); Bob Goes on Extended Old-Man Rant About How Kids Movies and CG Cartoon Movies Suck These Days; Scarecrow Was Disemboweled and E.T. Died; Pop Culture References Aren’t Jokes; Food Network’s New ‘Rebel Eats’ Show; Girl Scout Cookies and Trader Joe’s Chocolate Are Like Heroin; and much more.

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