Tuesday, April 30, 2013

That's Not Funny!

Okay, so today on our recurring "That's Not Funny" segment is something that is, actually, funny. Hilarious, in fact. Compliments of a link from Patton Oswalt to a Tumblr account called "Liartown USA" comes what could be the most epic, detailed parody of Jezebel -- which itself reads like a nonstop parody of a very specific and insufferable brand of joyless, perpetually outraged feminism -- ever committed to the internet.

Liartown USA: Abusive, Insane Twitter Rant Posted, Aimed at All "Biches"/4/.29.13


Stephen said...

The comment names are hilarious. DutchCoven hahahaha

hamletta said...

I do read Jezebel, without irony even, but this is spot-on.