Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Sacrilege (Scary Version)

Supposedly from a private school in South Carolina, a portrait of a doomed kid.

(via Christian Nightmares)


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call that kid doomed. It looks like he/she would make an excellent congressperson or Fox show host.

Hope said...

Yeah, stuff like this doesn't doom the deluded as much as it does those of us who have to deal with them. I'm in southwest Alabama and I can assure you that the members of my local megachurch (opening its own Community School next year, by the way) believe they're all doing just fine.

Drew said...

I come from a family of teachers going all the way back to my great grandmother who has a school named after her in upstate New York. My mother, a science teacher, had a very strong spiritual (I wouldn't call it "religious") side to her- and not in a preachy fundamental annoying way. I can only imagine the colorful waterfall of cussing that would emanate from her mouth upon seeing this if she was still alive.