Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ripped Apart

Today's Daily Banter column wonders whether we'll ever be able to truly come together as a nation again. Because while there are plenty of people who are trying to remember what the tragedy in Boston is really all about, there are so many others for whom this is yet another excuse for hucksterism, partisan hackery, and conspiratorial lunacy.

Here's the opening shot:

"I always feared this day because I always feared being proven right. A couple of times since the election of Barack Obama and the consequent collective freak-out of the American Right — a freak-out so mind-boggling and profound that the extent and potency of its shockwaves continue to surprise, despite how used to it we should be by now — I’ve openly wondered how our nation might react if we were hit with another terrorist attack."

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Also, very worth mentioning here is Cesca's column at Banter today, on the despicable ridiculousness of Alex Jones, who of course hijacked and exploited this horrific event, using it as an excuse to spew his special brand of horseshit all over his delusional acolytes. One of those acolytes, Dan Bidondi, turned yesterday's Deval Patrick press conference into a circus by shrieking about "false flag" terrorism and how our civil liberties are being threatened, or something, and you'll be interested to know that he's also responded to Cesca's piece in the comments section. The results are -- entertaining.

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bafreeman said...

There are two separate articles at NYTimes.com running under headlines that Obama referred to the bombings as "terrorism". WHO FUCKING CARES? I can't even express the disappointment that the Benghazi idiocy gained so much traction that yesterday every fucking story about the Obama's statement mentioned that he didn't use the word "terrorism" and today the fact that he did rates two headlines at the country's most important newspaper.

I agree with Patton Oswalt's premise, but I also believe that had SCOTUS not decided to give GWBush the presidency, Republicans would have tried to impeach Gore over 9/11. We wouldn't have come together because the far right is incapable of behaving like grownups. True, the real whack jobs are a minority, and good people will always outnumber them, but they're not going anywhere, and they can't be reasoned with. Alex Jones may or may not believe the shit he peddles, but he has his followers, and they consider themselves at war with the rest of us because they believe WE'RE AT WAR WITH THEM. No rational argument can cure that kind of crazy. I used to believe that ignorance was curable, while stupidity was not, but I have to admit that the far right is proving me wrong. I mean shit, the NYTimes considers whether or not the president actually used the word "terrorism" is not just newsworthy but needs to be the lede, a decision made solely because of John McCain's idiotic and hysterical rantings on Meet The Press every Sunday?!? Seriously?!? Not only is ignorance incurable, it's apparently highly contagious.