Monday, April 01, 2013

Quote of the Day

"Dear Salon: can you please create a simple primer that describes when it is acceptable to enjoy something, versus when something is too insensitive to racial, gender or sexual orientation standards? I'm finding it difficult to keep up with the rules. I've apparently been too busy just living my life and am not fully caught up on when I should be getting offended. Thank you."

-- "Wesley T." commenting on a piece currently running at Salon that bemoans the "white patriarchy" of The Walking Dead

Yup, a 4,000-word -- 4,000-word -- essay devoted to racial and gender politics in a show about zombies rising from the grave and eating the living. Here's the salient quote among all that indignant proselytizing and in-depth analysis of what kind of supposedly awful stereotypes the show promotes:

"For those of us who had hoped that season three of 'The Walking Dead' would move beyond the white patriarchy of the first two seasons, we have been disappointed. If anything, gender and race have become even more problematic in this past season than they were in seasons one and two."

Salon: official home of the outraged royal "we."

If it were anybody but them, I'd honestly think this was a really impressive April Fool's prank.


If any of you were waiting for the actual words "white privilege" to enter the conversation from the author's end -- of course in the form of an accusation -- well, wait no longer.


JohnF said...

"Problematic" is my current least-favorite word. Because it assigns a concrete amount of problem to things that are clearly open to interpretation. Someone who says "such and such a thing was problematic" is speaking only for themselves.

It's not a binary thing, it's not either/or. You can't just say "this thing's wrong" when what you really mean is "this thing pushed MY buttons."

Anonymous said...

I think it's a cause for great concern: People of color are simply under-represented in the zombie universe and that simply has to change! I'm mean, come on. The Civil Rights Act was 4 decades ago. It's time the zombie world caught up with these changing times. Look, I know the arguments to the contrary -- it's not natural to have negro zombies. Latin zombies just aren't as smart. Non-white zombies are lazy. But I believe we've dispelled these shibboleths years ago. So I say, Power to the Zombies and let's change the world!!!

Chez said...

I find the word 'problematic' problematic.

Capt Clown said...

"There’s no sign of LGBTQ characters"

-Nailed it, that was my biggest complaint about the show too.

Chez said...

Shouldn't it be LGBTQIA? The author of this article is obviously trying to oppress certain sexual orientations through cisexism.

Okay, I can't even try to joke about this nonsense. For the record, anyone who adds any extraneous letters to LGBT immediately forfeits the privilege of being taken seriously.

Claude Weaver said...

I'm not going to even bother reading if this author actually addressed the character of Michonne, because chances are she didn't.

It's like I said before, Salon really has nothing better to write about at this point.

And since this is such a dumb subject, I'm going to threadjack. How do you post your stuff to Twitter and Facebook so fast? You do it yourself, or do you have an autoposting thing or what?

JohnF said..., where serious discussions turn into silly discussions in the blink of an eye.

ntx said...

@LorraineBerry : Sometimes sanctimony makes one crabby. #dobongs

corebela said...

Daaaamn these people must have some sort of sixth sense of criticism. Thank goodness I can trust that the people who make one of my favorite shows would never bow down to the over sensitive peoples desire of having all grey blobs without a gender as characters.

Drew said...

These people need to get laid...preferrably in the zombie position.

It's a great fucking show. If they took off their hyper-santimonious hat off for even just an episode they might see that. To take a page from Bill Maher: Not everything has to be political! Sometimes you just have to sit down, shut up, and enjoy yourself.

kanye said...

Shouldn't that be "wight privilege"?

Izar Talon said...

kanye said...

Shouldn't that be "wight privilege"?


That was rad.