Friday, April 26, 2013

(Mis)Quote of the Day

"It reminds me of the Shakespeare line, 'Thou protestest too much.'"

-- Michele Bachmann, idiot, on the House floor this morning

As Mediaite said, no one's saying you need to know Shakespeare by heart, but for God's sake, if you're going to bother quoting him.

Eh, it's not like anyone who voted for her will know she monumentally fucked it up anyway.

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Eric said...

What's weird is she's the SECOND Republican politician I've seen muck that line up this week (the first was a North Carolina state legislator). Which has me wondering, is this misquote some kind of conservative meme? All of them think that's the line, none of them know where it originates? They heard it secondhand from a more literate critic putting them down and have clumsily adopted it because they want to look smart? (Not that there aren't literate conservatives out there who would quote Hamlet's mother correctly; there are. Just not these two yutzes.)