Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Mama Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up To Be Babies

For today's Daily Banter column I actually sat through every second of Brad Paisley's hilariously self-pitying new song, Accidental Racist.

Here's the beginning of what I came up with in response to it:

"Let’s be honest: Country songs aren’t exactly written with repeated playings at Mensa meetings in mind. With a few very notable exceptions, country music 'artists' tend to eschew analogy and subtext in favor of just coming out and saying whatever the hell it is they’re trying to get across. When the guy who won this year’s Academy of Country Music Award for Entertainer of the Year sings 'Rain Is a Good Thing,' he’s not talking about a metaphoric rain that will wash away his pain so that a bright new day can dawn; he’s talking about rain. Rain that makes corn, which makes whiskey, which makes his baby feel frisky. And that’s, you know, a good thing. There’s not much depth to country music, and when a Hail Mary pass at profundity is attempted, it usually winds up sounding like the kind of thing you’d imagine coming from a frat boy who’s had too much to drink and is suddenly unleashing some of the sad poetry he secretly writes on you at 3am.

Which brings us to the new song by Brad Paisley. It’s called Accidental Racist and it’s about — get ready for the surprising wordplay — accidentally being viewed as a racist."

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Stephen said...

His songs have always been a bit hokey, some more clever than others, but nothing terribly controversial. There have been a few token religious songs as well, but again, not out of the ordinary for country.

Think he's gotten so big that he's beginning to feel bulletproof? Just thinking out loud since up until this song he seemed more like a less annoying version of Ray Stevens with better guitar playing.