Thursday, April 11, 2013

Listening Post

Last Saturday night, my girlfriend and I sat front-row-center for a really unique and wonderful show at the Orpheum in downtown L.A. Performing with the Sonos Quartet and several other damn good musicians was film composer Clint Mansell. Over a period of an hour-and-a-half he went through some of his most well-known work from movies like Moon, Requiem for a Dream, and The Fountain. It was intimate, it was lovely, and it put into perspective just how far Mansell has come since his days in the British indie band Pop Will Eat Itself.

What really excited me about the show was that playing drums for him was Chris Vrenna, who's played with Nine Inch Nails and Manson but whose ongoing side project, Tweaker, has quietly released some of my favorite music of the last decade or so.

So, above it's Clint Mansell's Stay With Me, from The Fountain -- and below it's Tweaker's Linoleum, with the great David Sylvian on vocals.

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