Monday, April 08, 2013


There's nothing more insufferable than a self-professed libertarian. That's because these days, if you're above the age of, say, 19 and you consider yourself a libertarian there's a pretty good chance you're just an asshole -- an asshole who tries to pompously wrap himself in the cloak of an impressive-sounding political ideology because it's better than just admitting that he's, again, a childish, selfish asshole whose views don't deserve to be lent an ounce of respect or credibility.

Watch as Bill Maher thoroughly takes apart the movement he used to consider himself a part of but which he now can't abide.


Riles said...

I almost couldn't make it through the show this week because of that idiot Steven Moore. Not only is he wrong about every single thing he talks about, but he interrupts everyone else and makes the debate unlistenable. He is seriously like a 5 year old that has something to say and won't be quiet until he gets it out.

I loved it when both Bill and the kid put Moore in his place.

JohnF said...

Both Steve Moore and Bernie Sanders were basically unwatchable. Just flailing and shouting over each other the whole time.

Anonymous said...

"Libertarian asshole" is a redundancy. It should be no surprise, as sociopathy is effectively the cornerstone of objectivism.