Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Unleash Hellfire

I like to think that my misanthropy is having a positive impact on Cesca.

His Daily Banter column today once again takes on Glenn Greenwald, only this time he foregoes ceremony and that "all due respect" nonsense and just thunders away at him. And that's an unqualified good.

The Daily Banter: The Most Terrifying Drone Ever! Run Away!/3.13.13

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ZIRGAR said...

Greenwald and Sirota conflate the issues of "drones being used unlawfully to kill people" with THEIR outrage. In other words, if you ignore or disagree with how they present their views on the matter then you're either a monstrous supporter of drone death or your views are just completely invalid, fascist! Such hubris. As if to say, their presentations and critiques are the very issue of the legality of drones itself. Do I care about drones being used to kill people? Absolutely. I just don't care about what they have to say about it. Or how they say it.