Monday, March 11, 2013

To the Matt-resses

Today's Daily Banter column takes a look at how Matt Lauer is blaming NBC for the colossal Ann Curry fuck-up -- and how the network is letting him do it.

Here's the opening shot:

"Jesus, how desperate is NBC to save the Today show? Desperate enough to let Matt Lauer publicly scold them for screwing up the firing of Ann Curry.

It was just four months ago that then-Today executive producer Jim Bell essentially pleaded with the public not to blame Lauer for the ugly debacle that was Ann Curry’s dismissal. At the time, the hope was that by taking the bullet for both the host and the network Bell would stave off the relentless negative publicity that was being heaped on Lauer and the show, publicity which had gotten so awful that Lauer, the once-beloved Today show host, was being confronted on the street and yelled at by average people for being a smug, imperious prick. Today’s ratings plummeted and Lauer was suddenly a cultural pariah."

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