Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Tonight Shove-Off

Today's Daily Banter column is all about the news that The Tonight Show is once again about to undergo some major changes.

Here's the opening shot:

"It looks like Jimmy Fallon will be the next challenger to step up and try to knock Jay Leno off his throne on The Tonight Show. If you believe Bill Carter over at The New York Times, and there’s no reason not to given Carter’s unparalleled expertise on the subject, NBC is planning to once again attempt to rid itself of the Fidel Castro of late-night TV, this time in 2014. Supposedly, the deal’s already been scribbled out in pencil and a very quiet transition is now underway behind the scenes at both 30 Rock and Burbank that would send Leno on his way once and for all and not only christen Fallon as the new host of Tonight but move the entire show back to New York City, where it was uprooted from in 1972 at the request of a more West Coast-friendly Johnny Carson.

The New York relocation is hugely important because it’s something NBC isn’t doing just to change things up."

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