Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Return of the Thing

Today's Daily Banter column expands on something I've brought up here a couple of times over the past several months: the Republican insistence on never giving up a fight and their refusal to accept that Americans don't like some of their ideas.

Here's the opening shot:

"Here's the beauty of Paul Ryan's new budget, the one saving grace amongst all the horrific awfulness it promises for the country: nobody gives a shit about it.

If you've been plugged into the political wing of the internet at all over the past couple of days, you wouldn't be blamed for thinking it was 2012 -- or even 2011 -- all over again. That's because Paul Ryan has rolled out the new GOP budget for this year and it looks suspiciously like every other budget he's rolled out since the Republicans put him in charge of such things and the beltway media inexplicably decided that he deserves to be taken seriously rather than laughed out of town. At this point, Ryan budgets -- all middle-class-screwing austerity in the name of tax breaks for the rich and attempts to gut America's social safety net -- drop with the regularity of a beloved series of Hollywood epics filmed back-to-back. It's like the GOP is Peter Jackson and the Ryan budget is The Lord of the Rings -- if The Lord of the Rings sucked."

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Matt said...

Excellent (if infuriating) article on Banter by Robert Parry about this.