Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quote of the Month

"A screed of pure personal and profane invective."

-- David Sirota's description of my Daily Banter column from yesterday, which took aim at his and Glenn Greenwald's hysteria over drones, the Obama administration's use of them, and Rand Paul's supposedly principled stand against them

I'll give Sirota this: He knows personal and profane invective when he sees it, because that's exactly what my piece was. To be honest, while I knew going into it that Sirota loved the sound of his own voice and had a tendency to not only Google himself regularly but respond in appropriately butt-hurt fashion whenever he felt he'd been insulted, I didn't think I'd hear from him in response to my column. And you know what? I didn't hear from him. There wasn't a word from him aimed in my direction. What I started, though, unintentionally, was a pretty epic Twitter fight between him and MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor.

Taylor tweeted out a link to my post yesterday evening and Sirota completely lost his mind. Given that she's a much bigger target than I am, he immediately turned any guns that he may have been ready to train on me directly toward her. What resulted was one hell of a back-and-forth, with Sirota pompously moralizing about how there was "(n)othing more distasteful than privileged US elites telling everyone not to care about people we're murdering abroad" -- he actually did RT the link to my piece to his acolytes -- and Taylor eviscerating him for being a rich white guy scolding a black woman about elitism.

Now Sirota's wise enough in the ways of self-promotion to know that going after Goldie Taylor, again a nationally recognized figure, will garner much more attention than punching down to a nobody like me. While I won't defend his relentless silliness, he's also got a point when he expresses shock that an MSNBC face would retweet a piece that came right out and said "fuck David Sirota and Glenn Greenwald." I actually think it's pretty damn cool that someone in the spotlight put her name to something so caustic, but he's right that it violates accepted protocol. I wouldn't be surprised, knowing his predilection for self-righteous umbrage, if Sirota approaches MSNBC and tries to make a stink about this whole thing.

If not that, then you can almost be sure that he'll try to spin shit into gold for himself by challenging Goldie Taylor to come on the show he deigns to co-host with Michael "Heckuva Job Brownie" Brown in Denver.

Sirota blocked me on Twitter, by the way, which is amusing given that I'm not following him, would probably never tweet him, and generally don't do Twitter anyway, let alone get into Twitter feuds. Also, Greenwald, predictably, isn't saying a word. Even if he did read what I wrote, he would never bother coming down from his Rio Olympus just to crush a mere mortal like me.


Benoit from Ottawa said...

You are SUCH a burr under the saddle!

Funny. B.

QuadCityPat said...

FWIW I jumped into the argument and went hard at Sirota. When I challenged his comment on privilege, he called my tweets non-sequiturs. Curiously when I responded to his non sequitur tweet with "were we or were we not discussing privilege, he stopped tweeting to me. Fucking cowardly little twat.

PS My twitter handle is QuadCityPat so you can verify from last night

Claude Weaver said...

Please tell me that quote is going into the side column area.

No way does that not deserve a hallowed place below Gilbert Gottfried.

Nietzsche's Peach Fuzz said...

David Sirota makes me ashamed to be a liberal who lives in Denver. However, he gets regularly torn apart by our local progressive blog: so you're not alone in your general annoyance and disgust with him.