Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quote of the Day, Jr.

"Again, there are no birds in the trees, apart from these, which will be eaten on Tuesday. They are yummy."

-- North Korean anti-American propaganda video

This is sincerely my favorite thing of the week. It's like one of those Tribulation 99-style cult videos I used to rent and watch while I got high back in the 90s.

You know, if the North Koreans really want to make their people believe that America is a desolate hellscape where everyone is jobless, miserable, and living in squalor, they should just show them an episode of Girls.

"This is what American women look like: homely, unable to afford clothes, and insane. Some women, such as this one, are so thin and desperate for food that in, order to survive, they are forced to eat the semen of men who haven't been able to shower in months."


ntx said...


Anonymous said...

If you hadn't confirmed its authenticity, I would have thought this was straight from Monty Python. It's too unreal!

the view from down here said...

omg Chez! *Blushes*