Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Let me explain to you what's going on at NBC right now: A bunch of frazzled assholes in expensive suits are crowded into an office at 30 Rock trying to figure out how to put Justin Timberlake in every single show in the NBC lineup. (They already managed to get him to do an entire week with Fallon, what the show oh-so-cleverly called "Timberweek.")

The Huffington Post: NBC Ratings Sink Even Lower, Post Lowest Prime Time in Network History/3.12.13

By the way, read the above story and notice something interesting: despite NBC sucking wind just about across the board, Brian Williams's Nightly News still pulls in an average of nine million viewers a night. This is important to keep in mind because whenever anyone tells you network news is dead, or, worse, that Fox News dominates the conventional wisdom of television news these days, they're talking out of their ass. On a great night for, say, O'Reilly, he'll maybe grab about 2.5 million viewers -- across the entire country. In the great scheme of things that's not that big a deal. Williams and his network news contemporaries can triple that number in their sleep.

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