Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Nothin' But a G-A-Y Thang

You know how I feel about internet sensations. You know how I despise virally created superstars or even laughingstocks. And yet I just have to circulate this, even at the risk of being part of the crowd that will surely make this girl the most (only somewhat unfairly) loathed idiot in America by this time two days from now.

Sure, there'll be the inevitable backlash from hardcore Christians who'll call her a martyr and will hold her up as some kind of modern day Joan of Ark, come to save us from ourselves and ruthlessly struck down for it upon the altar of our culture's depravity. But fuck it, the whole thing will have been worth it just for the opportunity it afforded most of us to mercilessly mock someone who truly, deeply deserved it.

I give you, Rated T for Tolerance, a Christian, anti-gay "rap" from some teenage girl standing in the woods.

Good luck making it all the way through.

(via Christian Nightmares)


Xeknos said...

I lose.

Amy B. said...

Ugh. I made it through a minute. Can I have it back, please?

JohnF said...

This reminds me of the time my girlfriend and I tried to watch the Fred movie. We didn't even make it through the opening credits.
This was worse.

pasta65 said...

Doesn't the Golden Gate lead into San Francisco?

Just sayin'

Jim said...

what's a "propergate"?

Anonymous said...

Oh no. The stupid in this video is just overpowering.

brettskean said...

I got to the :33 second mark before I desperately wanted a bear to appear on screen and maul this idiot. . . I was actually surprised she didn't have a drawl.

Fungi said...

It would have been cool if she used cue cards, like INXS did in Need You Tonight/Mediate.

bafreeman said...

Years ago I covered the trial of a dentist who had been cranking it before he left the office at night, saving his seed in syringes, and later injecting his jizz into patients' mouths and telling them to swallow. A half-dozen women--affluent suburban housewives in their 30s, for the most part--testified against him, and the DA (a good man, and thorough) asked each of them if they had prior first-hand knowledge of what semen tastes like. The first five all gave answers along the lines of "Duh! Yeah,", but the sixth--the last to testify--and with an embarrassed glance towards her husband, said no, she did not.
The witness looked mortified, but her husband...I can't describe it, but there is in fact an expression that conveys "I haven't had a blowjob in more than a decade, and now everyone knows it."
Something tells me that if this dummy ever gets married, her husband will someday be one awkward question away from being the second person to wear that expression.