Monday, March 25, 2013

Listening Post

A month or so ago I heard rumors through a friend of mine close to the action that My Chemical Romance was basically about to fold. I kind of hoped it wasn't true, but given that Gerard Way's ego was in control of the band and had been for some time, it didn't seem unfeasible. Well, over the weekend MCR announced that they were calling it a day, which is a real shame.

Anybody who's followed this site for the past several years knows that this band has been one of my favorites and The Black Parade in particular is an album I listen to from start-to-finish over and over again to this day. Sucks that they're splitting, but knowing Gerard and his need for attention -- a need I think he's going to be shocked to find won't be satisfied any other way than with My Chemical Romance -- there's always the possibility this break-up will be short-lived.

Anyway, once more for the memories -- here's Dead.

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lasersandwich said...

They're a superb band I've been listening to for about ten years. I'm intrigued that you think their break-up will be short-lived, but I guess the way it was announced out of nowhere leaves that possibility open. "Thank You for the Venom" and "Mama" were my two favorites, just for the record. And I say that as someone that thinks they never had a bad album.