Thursday, March 28, 2013

Listening Post

This track's everywhere right now thanks to its featured position in The Host, a movie that will test whether very smart writer/director Andrew Niccol can make something good out of source material that comes from someone as hacky and talentless as Stephenie Meyer.

Either way, it's a pretty damn good song.

Here's Imagine Dragons -- Radioactive.

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Claude Weaver said...

Oh yeah, this song is pretty damn good. I mostly caught it through the trailers for Defiance and...wait.

Wait a second. that Lou Diamond Philips?

Why...why isn't THIS a movie? Why the hell do we have another Stephanie Meyer book flick when we could have...THAT! I want THAT...whatever the hell THAT even is!

Care Bear Super Saiyan Cockfighting Muppets: The Movie! TAKE MY MONEY, FUCKERS!!!!