Thursday, March 21, 2013

Listening Post

Last week I raved about the first single from the new Justin Timberlake album (as if he needs me to do this to increase album sales). Well, this week the full album was released and, I gotta say, it's just damn brilliant. The second single, Mirrors, has already been made into a video that I'm sure I'll post at some point, but the best track on the record by far is this one: an eight-minute neo-soul journey that makes your skin tingle and your mind feel like it's wrapped in a warm blanket, a journey that eventually descends into a bossa-nova coda of pure Timbaland-engineered joy.

Here's Strawberry Bubblegum.


Anonymous said...

Dunno. Feel like I'm folding sweaters at Express.

Curtis Robert Tyree said...

This song is so great and after hearing Suit and Tie a few times it's definitely growing on me.

There's just something Timbaland does to music that just makes it that much better. Case in point, a pasty white farm country guy like me still has no problems rocking out to Shock Value after all these years, and my favorite track from that album is 2 Man Show with Elton John. Now a collaboration between Timbaland, Elton and Justin, that might just be amazing.