Monday, March 04, 2013

I See Your Boobs and Raise You...

Over the past week I've been inundated with all kinds of tweets and e-mails from various unhappy parties, all in response to the series of posts and columns I published about The Onion and Seth MacFarlane. I figured I'd get some hate mail regardless, but I did my best to take as nuanced an approach as possible to the whole controversy so that might have tempered the reaction at least slightly. Still, there was the expected outrage, with some accusing me of "mansplaining" and saying that I had no right to tell people, specifically women, what they can and can't be pissed about, and others hurling the tired "white male privilege" line at me. Not a big deal either way given that I generally don't spend too much time worrying whether I'm disliked or even just misunderstood.

But given the response to my relatively measured analysis of the Oscars -- an event which inexplicably turned into a flashpoint for indignation on par with four hours of televised, forced sodomy -- I can only imagine the kind of crap a quickie rant on the ridiculousness of the whole "We Saw Your Boobs" outcry would draw.

And that's why I'm trying to make sure as many people as possible see Banter overlord Ben Cohen's posts on the subject. Because he dispensed with all the flowery rhetoric and just called Jane Fonda and Jamie Lee Curtis's outrage over MacFarlane's jokes what they kind of are: silly and self-righteous. I don't think that just because you've taken off your clothes on film or because you regularly get plastic surgery you're somehow disqualified from calling out a crude joke about boobs (even though this particular joke was purposely crude and undeniably intended to be ironic). I don't think it makes you a hypocrite, necessarily. But Ben's right that Fonda's a pompous bore and Curtis's claim about taking it off over and over again only under internal protest reeks of convenient revisionist history.

Also, I just like to stir the pot and want to see Ben get hammered. Because I'm an asshole.

So read, and if you disagree, leave a nasty comment or send him an angry e-mail -- because he'll be reading it while sitting on a big pile of money in the bedroom of the mansion he had built from the ground up by young children and naked women. Fucking white guy.

The Daily Banter: Jane Fonda Bores Everyone To Death Over Boobs/3.1.13

The Daily Banter: Jamie Lee Curtis Weighs in on "Boob-gate"/3.4.13

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