Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Forever Hold Your Peace

Because it was late last night when I posted it and frankly I was too tired to link to it here, let's go ahead and do it now. Last night/today's column for the Daily Banter is all about gay marriage.

Here's the opening shot:

"I’ll make this quick and to the point.

I don’t know what decisions the Supreme Court will return regarding California’s Prop 8 and the national Defense of Marriage Act, but in the end it will hardly matter. Oh, sure, it will certainly matter in the short term because it will immediately affect the lives of millions of gay Americans, men and women looking for nothing more from our nation’s legal system than the same rights it affords their straight counterparts: the right to marry the ones they love. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Prop 8 and DOMA, legalized gay marriage across the United States — afforded the full faith and credit of the United States — may wind up being deferred to another date, very likely in the not-so-distant future. But make no mistake: gay marriage, as a legally accepted practice from coast to coast, is going to happen. It’s an inevitability, no matter how desperately those who want to cling to the past try to stop it."

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